Recreational Classes begin Tuesday, September 5th

Class hour(s) per weekPrice per class hour
1 $14.00
2 $13.00
3 $12.00
4 $10.00
5 $10.00
6 $10.00
7 $10.00
8 $10.00
9 $9.75
10 $9.25

Tuition Payment Schedule

Tuition payments are due four times during the dance year (three times for students who are unable to participate in the annual dance recital in June*).

Session 1 (10 weeks) September 5 – November 11

Tuition payment due at registration.

Session 2 (10 weeks) November 13 – February 10

Tuition payment due November 1.

Session 3 (10 weeks) February 12 – April 28

Tuition payment due February 1

Session 4* (5 weeks) April 30 – June 4

Tuition payment due April 15.

*Note:  Session 4 is for recital participants only. We will have some non-recital classes available.

Registered Dancers are allowed to make-up two of their missed classes during the current session. Speak with someone at the desk to schedule a make-up class.

Family Discount

A family registering two of their children will receive a 10% discount. A family registering three or more of their children will receive a 20% discount. A family that registers for a combined total of 20 hours or more per week will receive a 30% discount. Children must all be from the same household and must register at the same time to receive discount.

We accept cash, checks made payable to DeForest Dance Academy, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.


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